The Body The Player The Journey 

Dance practitioner & educator

Teaching plays a significant role in her practice. Since her return to Brazil in 2014, after eight years studying and performing dance abroad, she has been teaching workshop formats alongside immersive dance courses for different dance companies, public and private institutions, Bachelor's degrees and Post-Graduate programs, and teaching for national and international auditions.


Since 2019 Rafaela has been a guest teacher and collaborator at Pera School of Performing Arts – GAU teaching the Bachelor Degree in Dance.

Also, she teaches the auditions for the dance programs at PERA. 


She has produced and taught the first-round Audition for SEAD – Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance – in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro since 2017.

Since 2020 she teaches at the Post-Graduate Program Corpo: Dança, Teatro e Performance at Célia Helena Centro de Artes e Educação in São Paulo.

Rafaela is a faculty member in the dance curriculum at ECO Teatral, a three-year formation course in theater in São Paulo - Br.

She has also taught for two years regular classes for Jorge Garcia Companhia de Dança in São Paulo.


For the third year [2022 | 2020 | 2019] was invited to teach at Tanzfabrik in the frame of Sommer Tanz. 


In 2022 was invitede to teach at the educacional platform Unplugged Dance em Neochori, Lefkada, Grécia. 


The Body The Player The Journey

The Body The Player The Journey, is designed to open body channels for new cognitive pathways to be revealed, cultivating physical, mental and creative sustainable processes. 


The methodological axis is based on the development of the autonomy of each practitioner. Aware that each person manifests themselves according to their own bodily experiences: body history + stories, the current context, emotional & mental resources. Therefore, the practice invites students to acknowledge their own learning process, nurturing their personal journey; unfolding strategies for the embodiment of information to consciously perceive the manifestations derived from it. 


As a result, collective practices will be empowered with the most authentic version of each individual, among support & playfulness.


The work explores the fundaments of biomechanics, focusing on the mobility of the body in motion. Seeking to recognize and organize the structure of the body in motion. It aims to revisit habits, release unnecessary tensions and modulate energy. 

The technical principles that underlies the work are: 


(1) gravity, (2) body axis, (3) supportive structures, (4) the folds of the body,  (5) the fabulous universe of spirals, (6) multidimensionality, (7) asymmetry, (8) simultaneity, (9) systemic mapping of the body.


The principles above, serve as premise for interconnecting and integrating the systemic network we live in. With that, students craft knowledge through bodily experiences, building complex layers of information, to develop their own practices and unfold their own research field. 


The work triggers both physically and mentally: availability, adaptability and resilience, a tripod for the further creative and collaborative process.


Students are invited to investigate choice-making by accessing information from their own body archive of experiences, memories, senses and the surroundings, articulating them into the body and out into space. 


Within the spectrum of the work, the practice invites participants to experience a holistic approach towards the dance field, where self-care and self-management are at the core for acknowledging and developing the personal resources necessary on achieving well-being and fulfillment. 


To conclude, The Body The Player The Journey is a playful, physical, encouraging and sensitive platform to experience dance and its connections. 

Under The Body The Player The Journey the disciplines delivered are improvisation, technique, composition & the creation of dance pieces.